Foods that cause cloudy urine

Reviewed by Dr Jonah Mink, April 21'30 sec read

Some foods can cause cloudy urine, especially if they are high in phosphorus or vitamin D

The urinary tract includes the kidneys, bladder and the tubes, or ureters, that connect them to each other. The urinary tract is one of the systems that helps us get rid of waste products that would be harmful to us if the body did not excrete them When eaten in large quantities, some food and drink products can cause our urine to become cloudy when excreted. 

Milk contains calcium phosphate which can cause urine to appear cloudy. Similarly, meat and dairy products can give urine a cloudy or foamy appearance as they contain high levels of phosphorus. 

Vitamin D, found in fatty fish, egg yolks and mushrooms, can also make urine appear cloudier. Dairy milk and alternative products such as soya and oat milks are often fortified with vitamin D because of its proven importance for bone health. 

Therefore, if you notice cloudy urine but experience no other symptoms, the cause could be dietary.

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