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The Service

The Velieve service allows you to test and treat your UTI at home and can save you a visit to the GP.

You can buy the kit at select pharmacies or have it delivered to your home. The kit includes a urine collection cup, a dipstick and a colour board. Before unboxing the kit you need to download the Velieve app that will guide you through the test step by step. The app is easy to follow and the test takes only 3 minutes.

Once you complete the test and provide answers to in-app questions regarding eligibility and symptoms, a medical professional will review your results. You will receive an in-app diagnosis within 30 minutes of completing the test. If you are diagnosed with a likely UTI your prescription will be waiting at your local pharmacy.

The Velieve test kit is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for self-testing. It complies with the requirements of the Council Directive 98/79/EC concerning in vitro diagnostic medical devices and bears a CE Mark. 

The Velieve test kit was clinically validated to demonstrate it is clinically comparable to legally marketed laboratory digital analyser.

You can buy the kit at select pharmacies or order online.

It can. Your results will be reviewed by a medical professional who will provide an in-app diagnosis.

Velieve is available for purchase at select pharmacies according to their operating hours.

Our medical partners provide diagnosis from 9AM-9PM.

The Urine Test

Velieve urine test measures the amount of Leucocytes (white blood cells), nitrites and blood in your urine.

These parameters can help a healthcare professional determine whether a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is present, to decide on further treatment.

Velieve has gone through robust testing procedures with over 100,000 samples. The relevant regulatory authorities have determined that Velieve is as accurate as standard lab equipment.

The cup arrives folded. Follow the app instructions and unfold it to its fully extended form. When filling the cup make sure you reach the “FULL” indicator printed on the upper rim. 

When the cup is full, it should go back to its designated position in the kit. This spot is designed to hold the cup while you perform the test.

Dipping is easy and you should follow the app instructions before doing it yourself. 

It’s basically four simple steps: 

  1. Hold the stick from the top tail. This will help you avoid touching the patches with your fingers. 

  2. Dip the stick for one second. In and out. 

  3. Make sure you dip the stick so that all the patches come fully in contact with the urine.

  4. Wipe the stick on the rim of the cup to get rid of excess urine left on the stick.

After dipping the stick, place it on the Colour-Board as shown on the video. Make sure to place it so that the patches are facing upwards.

The colour on the strips intensifies after some time as the patches are enzymatic, meaning, they will keep changing as time goes on. This is why the colour board must be scanned immediately. The diagnosis is valid according to the strips at the time of the scan.

There are two options in this scenario: (1) If you filled more than half the cup, by bending the stick a bit and tilting the cup, you'll be able to dip all the patches in the urine. Make sure you dip the stick for one second. (2) If you filled less than half the cup you should stop the test, empty the cup, go drink some more water, and restart the test when you feel you have enough urine.  

The kit can only be used once. If you've encountered issues while conducting the test and can no longer use your kit, please contact us at and we will advise you on the best course of action.


The camera is very simple to use. 

Hold the phone above the Colour-Board and make sure the entire Colour-Board fits into the white frame. 

Once in position, the application will initiate an automatic scanning sequence. Hold it there for a few seconds and the sequence will autocomplete.


The app requires an internet connection in order to send the results to our servers and analyse them. 

When the app fails to send the test to the server— due to connectivity or because of a different problem—it will continue trying to deliver your results.

When in this state, you should check your internet connection and make sure it is working. If it is, keep the app running until it succeeds. 

All app errors include a short explanation about what went wrong and how you can fix it. In general, you want to make sure that the lighting on the Colour-Board is strong and stable (no shading) and that you follow the app instructions correctly. 


Your diagnosis will be available for you under the “Results” icon on the home screen.

Your urine test results and the information you provide regarding your symptoms are sent to Medicspot, our medical provider. Healthcare professionals will review your information and will provide an in-app diagnosis as well as a prescription for antibiotics if needed.

The app is designed to operate under strict data privacy laws as well as the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). 

The results are stored on your device and shared with Medicspot, our medical partner to provide diagnosis.

Your results and prescription are valid for 72 hours following the diagnosis. You can view the exact time you received your results on the “Results” screen.

Our system adheres to the highest data security standards. We use secure HTTPS connections and follow a very specific medical-industry grade security protocol. 

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